United Arab Emirates

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Things you probably didn’t know about moths and butterflies

Spring has finally sprung, and what clearer sign of this can there be than the sight of butterflies drifting around the garden, gathering nectar? Well, I guess bees making a comeback (which I’m sure I’ll cover in the near future) and daffodils emerging.

The UAE’s beauty contest… for camels

I feel like the camel has a lot of beauty standards to live up to and I am a little worried about their self-esteem.

A brief history of fireworks around the world

Most people associate Bonfire Night with the story of Guy Fawkes’ failed attempt at blowing up the Houses of Parliament with gunpowder. But did you know that fireworks are thought to have been invented by accident long before the invention of gunpowder?

5 unusual theme parks from around the world

5 unusual theme parks from around the world

Everyone loves a theme park. Except me, of course. Maybe I’m a bit of a grump, but if I’m going to spend £40 on something that makes me nauseated, I’d rather queue up at the sweet shop than Alton Towers.

Wacky public transport systems from around the world

Wacky public transport systems from around the world

I have often stood at train stations cursing the delay of my train, or queued behind miles of road traffic and wondered if there was another way. You might have wondered this too… Teleportation devices, computer-chauffeured travel booths, time travel and hovercrafts must all be rapidly approaching our horizon, surely… But in the meantime, some wacky ideas have sprung into life to make our lives more convenient. Here are my favourite, which also happen to be the wackiest!