South Korea

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Tetraphobia: East Asia's fear of the number four

Tetraphobia: East Asia’s fear of the number four

I have a love-hate relationship with numbers – love seeing numbers in my bank account (as long as there’s no minus in front of them) but hate numbers in almost all other scenarios. Certainly never ask me to add them together or multiply them or divide them or some trickery like that.

Unique languages from around the world

Unique languages from around the world

There are roughly 6,500 spoken languages found across the world. And while many of them are related to one another, there are several unique languages which bear no relation to any other languages in the world.

Wedding cakes from around the world

Let’s be honest, apart from seeing two people who love each other say their vows, the best part of the big day is the food, and more importantly, the cake. You’ve spent hours standing around and taking part in the pleasantries, you deserve to indulge in some marzipan goodness.

Brown marmorated stink bug | Smelly bugs from around the world

Brown marmorated stink bug | Smelly bugs from around the world

For most people, smelling nice is important. For a certain minority, however, smelling bad seems to be just as important (I refuse to believe that this minority smell so catastrophically bad on accident; work has clearly gone into their scent).

Banpo Bridge: The double-decker rainbow water bridge

As you can probably guess from the title of this post, Seoul’s Banpo Bridge is definitely no ordinary bridge. In fact, technically, it’s not a bridge – it’s actually two bridges, one on top of the other. With a fountain. A rainbow fountain.

The world's oddest statues and sculptures

The world’s oddest statues and sculptures

The Statue of Liberty, Christ the Redeemer, Michelangelo’s David – they’ve got nothing on these! After extensive research (a bit of Googling), I’ve found what I regard to be some of the world’s oddest statues and sculptures… You’ll be surprised by how many obscene statues there are out there, too. But I’m afraid you’ll have to look them up in your own time…