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How animals from around the world find their mates

How animals from around the world find their mates

These days, finding a partner with whom to share love and affection with isn’t always easy. We find shared interests with friends. When that doesn’t work out, some even try the workplace (not advisable). Then some of us give up and give internet dating a go. Have you ever stopped and wondered why it’s so hard? Well, how do you think animals find love? Surely they can’t be that fussy.

Things you might want to touch on holiday, but shouldn't

Things you might want to touch on holiday, but shouldn’t

Anyway, touch is an underrated sense. I don’t feel (that was actually unintentional) we give it enough importance; it’s only when we’re denied the opportunity to touch something that we realise how much we want to touch said thing. So read on and then consider how much you want to touch Juliet’s breast and an orang-utan, amongst other things.

Baobabs: The world's fattest trees

Baobabs: The world’s fattest trees

Can a tree really be described as fat? I’m not sure. Big boned, perhaps, if we’re talking about the trunk and branches. Anyway, it’s not uncommon for trees to get a bit chunky around the middle but baobabs may be the fattest of all. These amazing trees are fire resistant, grow a super-fruit and can store up to 120,000 litres of water. They also look really, really silly.

The smelliest places on Earth

We like to engage your senses through the power of the written word. Well, try to anyway. On this occasion, it is smell! We have located five of the stinkiest, most pungent places in the world. Some are nice and some quite horrendous! I dream a dream of scratch-and-sniff emails, but until then you’ll have to make do with this.