South Africa

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Gem stones: What are they, where do they come from and how are they made?

Gem stones: What are they, where do they come from and how are they made?

I could be considered part magpie. I love shiny things and… Actually, that’s the only thing I have in common with a magpie. I probably won’t enter your nest and steal your eggs while you’re not looking.

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about turtles, tortoises and terrapins

They’re the world’s most fearsome fighting team. They’re heroes in a half shell, and they’re green. They love pizza, nunchucks and garbage trucks… Sorry about that – I had a brief flashback to my childhood then.

Africa | Creepy urban legends from around the world

Urban legends are great for sending a chill up your spine at this time of year. We’re all familiar with Bloody Mary (delicious with some celery) and a phone call from beyond the grave (I wonder how much roaming charges are for the afterlife), but we are missing out on a whole world of spine-tingling, supposedly-true tales from around the world.

Throat singing: What it is and how to do it

Last Sunday I watched Joanna Lumley’s ‘Trans-Siberian Adventure’ on ITV (it will come as no surprise that I love a travel program, will it?) And I have now decided that I will do away with my next holiday to Spain and go to Mongolia instead. It looks amazing. I was particularly enamoured, though, with the Mongolian throat singing I saw.

9 things you probably didn’t know about sharks

I’ve always been fascinated with the oceans, and sharks have captured my imagination like no other creature of the deep, with the exception of Cthulhu. But as he (probably) doesn’t exist, here are some fascinating shark facts which may make you reconsider your ideas about them.

6 healthy eating habits from around the world

I did that post-Christmas double-take earlier when I looked in the mirror and realised that one just cannot breathe in that many mince pies. I know that we’re a couple of weeks in now but there are still toffee pennies left and it feels like it would be unfair to leave them out, you know?

5 strange succulents that are worth a look

Succulent plants are described as having fat and fleshy sections that retain water. I’m not sure, but I think I may be a succulent…