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All about seals, sea lions and walruses

Pinnipeds come in many forms – seals, sea lions and walruses. They’re similar in many ways, but what sets them apart?

Hand gestures from around the world

Hand gestures from around the world

It turns out that hand gestures aren’t quite as universal as you may initially think. Let’s take a look at just how these gestures can have different meanings around the globe.

4 facts about whales you may not know

Ranging from underwater unicorns to cunning hunters who use bubbles to trap prey, here are some interesting facts about whales.

Throat singing: What it is and how to do it

Last Sunday I watched Joanna Lumley’s ‘Trans-Siberian Adventure’ on ITV (it will come as no surprise that I love a travel program, will it?) And I have now decided that I will do away with my next holiday to Spain and go to Mongolia instead. It looks amazing. I was particularly enamoured, though, with the Mongolian throat singing I saw.

Matryoshka dolls: The story behind the nesting Russian dolls

When we travel, a most of us will bring home a small souvenir to remind us of our time away. One of the most popular souvenirs bought by tourists in Russia are Russian nesting dolls, or matryoshka dolls.

Not just for Christmas: 7 facts about reindeer

Everyone knows reindeer are the archetypal Christmas animal, but does anyone really know anything about them? Apart from the fact that they have antlers and pull sleighs, that is. Well, here are some facts about this very festive animal (along with plenty of adorable photos).

Intervision Song Contest: The Soviet Union’s answer to Eurovision

During the Cold War, East and West competed in almost every arena – space exploration, building nuclear weapons, doping their athletes – however nowhere was this rivalry fiercer than in the world of kitsch international singing contests.