Puerto Rico

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3 festive beverage recipes from around the world

It’s mulled wine season! My exclamation mark suggests that I’m thrilled by this but, to be honest, I’m not that fussed. Heating the wine just seems to accelerate the hangover feelings for me. No one wants that. So, this year I shall be trying these three alternative festive drinks from around the world instead. Not all at once.

8 surprising facts from around the world

Did you know we had a mobile app? Well, you should do because we wrote a post about it in June. If you haven’t downloaded it already, it does lots of nifty little things – like helping you find hospitals and embassies while you’re abroad – but the feature we’re most excited about is the one that’s probably the least useful…

6 undiscovered creatures from around the world

6 undiscovered creatures from around the world

Every year, around the world, more and more strange beings are found for the first time. Usually these discoveries are simply different species of insect but sometimes, just sometimes, scientists find a new type of rat.

5 weird and wonderful beaches from around the world

A beach is very often an integral part of a holiday. Favourable qualities in a beach tend include fine, pale sand (as opposed to dirty great pebbles), warm, clear water and a nice bar nearby. These beaches don’t necessarily tick all the boxes but they are still quite breathtaking in one way or another…