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Pont Neuf: The oldest 'New Bridge' across the River Seine

Pont Neuf: The oldest ‘New Bridge’ across the River Seine

The Pont Neuf is the oldest bridge that crosses the River Seine, in France. Fair enough, you might think. But if you understand your Français, that sentence will probably be a little confusing at first, as Pont Neuf is actually French for “New Bridge”. What’s that all about?

Matryoshka dolls: The story behind the nesting Russian dolls

When we travel, a most of us will bring home a small souvenir to remind us of our time away. One of the most popular souvenirs bought by tourists in Russia are Russian nesting dolls, or matryoshka dolls.

Weird musical instruments from around the world

So recently, I’ve begun take bass guitar lessons, but deciding on which instrument to learn was quite difficult… String, percussion, brass or woodwind? I had a look into several different options and found some very peculiar instruments that just needed to be shared!

7 Christmas traditions: Crackers

Crackers | 7 Christmas traditions

Christmas is a time of tradition and ritual, such as singing “We wish you a merry Christmas” to the Christmas pudding as it emerges, alight, into the dining room… (OK, so that’s a personal tradition, but I have only just found this out. I thought everyone did this up until last year!)