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Brunost: Norway's brown cheese that looks like waxy fudge

Brunost: Norway’s brown cheese that looks like waxy fudge

I went to northern Norway recently to see the northern lights. I saw them. It was nice. Whatever! But the real highlight of the trip was the cheese. The brown cheese. It doesn’t sound appealing, does it? If you continue reading, I’m not sure I’m going to make it sound any better.

Slang and sayings from around the world

Slang and sayings from around the world

Isn’t slang a wonderful thing? You can ask someone if their “bags o’ mystery” are “bang up to the elephant”, and that’s a lot more fun that asking if their sausages are perfect.

British words which originated elsewhere

British words that originated elsewhere

The history of the English language is understandably a tad murky. With waves of immigration dating back to prehistory, it’s not surprising our wonderful language has taken a lot of influence from around the world. Here are some words that you probably use every day, without even thinking about how far they’ve travelled.

Not just for Christmas: 7 facts about reindeer

Everyone knows reindeer are the archetypal Christmas animal, but does anyone really know anything about them? Apart from the fact that they have antlers and pull sleighs, that is. Well, here are some facts about this very festive animal (along with plenty of adorable photos).

Wedding cakes from around the world

Let’s be honest, apart from seeing two people who love each other say their vows, the best part of the big day is the food, and more importantly, the cake. You’ve spent hours standing around and taking part in the pleasantries, you deserve to indulge in some marzipan goodness.

Alternative Christmas jumpers from around Europe

Alternative Christmas jumpers from around Europe

Are you wearing a Christmas jumper today? If not, then it’s more than likely you’ll be cajoled into it shortly, for Christmas jumpers have become a bit of a “thing” in recent years.

Heddal stave church: Norway’s biggest wooden church

You know when someone over the age of 30 says something like “Cor, they don’t make them like that any more!”? Well, show them a photo of a stave church and that’s likely to be just the reaction you’ll get from them – because they really don’t make churches like that any more…