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Mount Scenery: The Netherlands’ highest volcano

Until this morning, I thought the highest point in the Netherlands was the top of a windmill. But it turns out the Netherlands not only has a proper highest point. It also has a volcano!

Flower fields from around the world

Flower fields from around the world

I really love flowers, and this blog post is just an excuse for me to look at pictures of them.

Everything you've always wanted to know about liquorice

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about liquorice

Once, in Iceland, I joyfully bit into my first mystery bar and found… liquorice. Liquorice pieces within the chocolate bar. The horror.

The surprising history of the gin and tonic

Certain drinks seem to be associated with Britain, and for good reason. We all love a tea, a glass of Pimms on a hot summer’s day (still too close to a salad for my liking) or a nice G&T. But as with many things, there’s more to a drink of gin and tonic than you might expect.

Giethoorn: Netherlands’ Venice of the north

If I asked you to name a pretty city with lots of canals, you’d probably come up with Venice. And you’d be right! But what about Giethoorn in the Netherlands. OK, it’s not a city, but Giethoorn is just as pretty as Venice and it also has lots of canals.

The Netherlands and the tulip: A true love story

When you think of the Netherlands, you might think of windmills, canals, bicycles and clogs. But you’ll also probably think of their national flower, the tulip.

8 surprising facts from around the world

Did you know we had a mobile app? Well, you should do because we wrote a post about it in June. If you haven’t downloaded it already, it does lots of nifty little things – like helping you find hospitals and embassies while you’re abroad – but the feature we’re most excited about is the one that’s probably the least useful…