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Chefchaouen: Morocco’s gorgeous blue city

I should move here. Reasons to move: it’s really blue (the buildings, the paths, the stairs, most things), there are cats here, they have a regional goat’s cheese… OK, that’s only three reasons, but those reasons are really strong!

Zellige: Morocco’s beautiful yet flawed mosaics

We tend to take tiles for granted in Britain. To us, they’re just the go-to wall covering for bathrooms and kitchens, mainly because they’re waterproof and easily wipe-cleanable. But in Morocco, tiles are put to far more aesthetically pleasing uses.

8 surprising facts from around the world

Did you know we had a mobile app? Well, you should do because we wrote a post about it in June. If you haven’t downloaded it already, it does lots of nifty little things – like helping you find hospitals and embassies while you’re abroad – but the feature we’re most excited about is the one that’s probably the least useful…

Intervision Song Contest: The Soviet Union’s answer to Eurovision

During the Cold War, East and West competed in almost every arena – space exploration, building nuclear weapons, doping their athletes – however nowhere was this rivalry fiercer than in the world of kitsch international singing contests.

Scents to help you recreate your holiday

Scents to help you recreate your holiday

When I come back from a holiday, I try my hardest to recreate as much of it as I can. I rustle up the food, I drink the appropriate beverages, and I snack on the 22 bags of Lays and Cheetos (crisps) I’ve brought back. I might even listen to some local music. Now I’ve discovered it’s possible to smell like my holiday too! Take a look at the examples below for some inspiration. Sadly, I’ve not managed to smell them all personally…