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6 more bridges that connect two countries together

6 more bridges that connect two countries together

Last week, I wrote about the Øresund Bridge which connects Denmark and Sweden. We featured that post in our monthly email to our customers and we were overwhelmed with replies telling us about other, similar bridges! It turns out a bridge connecting two countries isn’t such a novelty after all. So here are some of the ones we learned about.

Medium-sized cats from around the world

Medium-sized cats from around the world

Cats come in two kinds, right? Big huge things that roam the wilds of Africa and Asia, hunting prey and roaring everywhere. And the humble domestic cat, leaving you half-dead birds and lounging in the most inconvenient places.

Pancakes from around the world

Pancakes from around the world

Well, well, well, who’d have thought it? Another Christian tradition that was influenced by Pagan traditions.

Everything you've always wanted to know about coconuts

Coconuts: What are they and what do they do?

Over 62 million tonnes of coconuts are grown worldwide every year and, if you think that sounds like an awful lot of Malibu and Bountys, it just shows how little you must know about them.

Creepy-crawly cuisine: Edible insects from around the world

I’m a very fussy eater. Unless I’ve eaten something before, and enjoyed it, there’s a strong chance I’ll just stare at it suspiciously for a few seconds, before slowly pushing the plate or bowl away from me.

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about turtles, tortoises and terrapins

They’re the world’s most fearsome fighting team. They’re heroes in a half shell, and they’re green. They love pizza, nunchucks and garbage trucks… Sorry about that – I had a brief flashback to my childhood then.

Baby animals who look like nothing like their parents

Baby animals who look nothing like their parents

It’s said newborn human babies closely resemble their fathers. This is so that the father feels obliged to stick around and care for his unbelievably handsome/beautiful baby. I’m not really sure about this theory because most babies, to me, look a bit like Winston Churchill no matter who the father is. Anyway, it seems that this isn’t always the case when it comes to animal babies. These animal mums are obviously a lot more independent than us humans because their sprogs don’t look like their dads or, in fact, their mums…