Hong Kong

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Tetraphobia: East Asia's fear of the number four

Tetraphobia: East Asia’s fear of the number four

I have a love-hate relationship with numbers – love seeing numbers in my bank account (as long as there’s no minus in front of them) but hate numbers in almost all other scenarios. Certainly never ask me to add them together or multiply them or divide them or some trickery like that.

Hong Kong’s Peak Tram: The train we used in our adverts

One of the videos we used for our TV adverts since last year was a lovely train, slowly moving along a track. We knew it was pretty, and that it captured the serene feeling you get when you’re on holiday somewhere pretty, but we didn’t know just how popular it was going to be!

6 frequently asked questions about the Chinese New Year

Everything you wanted to know about the Chinese New Year (but were too ashamed to ask)

Today is the Chinese New Year and, as well as being an excellent excuse for a takeaway, it means that over a billion people will be setting off fireworks and dressing up as dragons. Obviously there’s a bit more to it than that (there’s the animal thing, for a start), so why not join us as we try to find out everything we can about one of the world’s most popular festivals…

Bizarre public toilets from around the world

Bizarre public toilets from around the world

In the USA, public toilets are called “restrooms”. I can only assume that this is an example of the famous American use of irony, because there’s nothing restful about them. A visit to a public convenience is a frightening experience full of nauseous confusion and, given the option, most people would avoid them altogether. Often though, this isn’t an option. Fortunately, designers from around the world have been working hard to make our inevitable toilet visits just a little bit more exciting…

Wacky public transport systems from around the world

Wacky public transport systems from around the world

I have often stood at train stations cursing the delay of my train, or queued behind miles of road traffic and wondered if there was another way. You might have wondered this too… Teleportation devices, computer-chauffeured travel booths, time travel and hovercrafts must all be rapidly approaching our horizon, surely… But in the meantime, some wacky ideas have sprung into life to make our lives more convenient. Here are my favourite, which also happen to be the wackiest!

Rocks that look a bit like people

Rocks are funny things. If you’ve got a passion for geology, then you most likely find rocks to be quite fascinating. However for most of the rest of us, naturally occurring solid aggregates of minerals probably aren’t the most thrilling things in the world. Luckily, some rocks are made far more appealing purely by the fact that they resemble something other than a rock. So we’ve scoured the globe (and beyond) to come up with our top five “rocks that look a bit like people”.