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6 more bridges that connect two countries together

6 more bridges that connect two countries together

Last week, I wrote about the Øresund Bridge which connects Denmark and Sweden. We featured that post in our monthly email to our customers and we were overwhelmed with replies telling us about other, similar bridges! It turns out a bridge connecting two countries isn’t such a novelty after all. So here are some of the ones we learned about.

Strange, beautiful and terrifying natural noises

Strange, beautiful and terrifying natural noises

Having researched national instruments from around the world, I started thinking about natural noises. Not boring ones like birdsong or whale calls – we’ve all heard those before! I’m talking about the noises of the planet.

British words which originated elsewhere

British words that originated elsewhere

The history of the English language is understandably a tad murky. With waves of immigration dating back to prehistory, it’s not surprising our wonderful language has taken a lot of influence from around the world. Here are some words that you probably use every day, without even thinking about how far they’ve travelled.

Quintessentially British things that originated elsewhere

Grab a cup of tea and some fish and chips while we cover some of the most quintessentially British things we nicked from somewhere else.

Cheese from around the world

Cheese from around the world

Whether your love of cheese only extends to a mild cheddar or you’re a cheese connoisseur, you might want to look out for these cheeses on your travels. You never know, you may expand your taste buds and discover a maggot-ridden fromage to adorn your pizza instead of traditional mozzarella!

Odd beauty treatments from around the world

As time goes on, I’m pretty sure beauty treatments are getting weirder (for example, Kim Kardashian’s vampire facial) so I decided to delve into the world of odd beauty treatments, and what I found was rather peculiar.

A brief history of fireworks around the world

Most people associate Bonfire Night with the story of Guy Fawkes’ failed attempt at blowing up the Houses of Parliament with gunpowder. But did you know that fireworks are thought to have been invented by accident long before the invention of gunpowder?