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The Egyptian pyramids: When, how and why

The Egyptian pyramids: When, how and why

The pyramids. What could be more majestic and mysterious than these pointy tombs in the deserts of Egypt? Not a lot to be honest with you. The only thing more mysterious I can think of is who actually likes those coffee-filled chocolates you always get lumbered with?

Everything you've always wanted to know about liquorice

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about liquorice

Once, in Iceland, I joyfully bit into my first mystery bar and found… liquorice. Liquorice pieces within the chocolate bar. The horror.

British words which originated elsewhere

British words that originated elsewhere

The history of the English language is understandably a tad murky. With waves of immigration dating back to prehistory, it’s not surprising our wonderful language has taken a lot of influence from around the world. Here are some words that you probably use every day, without even thinking about how far they’ve travelled.

Isis, Ra, Horus and Set: 4 ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses

Isis, Ra, Horus and Set: 4 ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses

Egypt has fascinated people throughout history. From the Greeks and Romans, to Napoleon and Victorian explorers. Even the Nazis in World War 2 were intrigued by this amazing country (until Indy put a stop to that). Today, millions of tourists flock to the beautiful country, and certainly its role in mankind’s history cannot be underplayed.

5 things you probably never knew about crocodiles and alligators

Crocodiles and alligators are some of the oldest animals living on the planet and live in many places around the world. We all know never to smile at a crocodile, but there’s a whole lot more to these large, water dwelling reptiles.
Here are five crucial crocodilian curiosities.

Quintessentially British things that originated elsewhere

Grab a cup of tea and some fish and chips while we cover some of the most quintessentially British things we nicked from somewhere else.

Beers from around the world

I love beer. I recently marked out a route for an InterRail trip which was based almost entirely on regional beer. The lad in me says “Quality! Wonder if I can fit in a cheeky Nando’s…” The adult in me suggests I might have a problem.