Central America

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Medium-sized cats from around the world

Medium-sized cats from around the world

Cats come in two kinds, right? Big huge things that roam the wilds of Africa and Asia, hunting prey and roaring everywhere. And the humble domestic cat, leaving you half-dead birds and lounging in the most inconvenient places.

Manchineel tree: The most dangerous tree in the world

Manchineel tree: The most dangerous tree in the world

Are you going to the Caribbean this winter? If so, sit down – we need to have a chat. A chat about the most dangerous tree in the world. This is no joke. It’s worse than that big plant from the Little Shop of Horrors.

Things you probably didn't know about flamingos

Things you probably didn’t know about flamingos

A favourite of animal lovers everywhere and a great decoration for this year’s Hulaween party I’m hosting with my fiancée Chloë. They’ve graced the cover of one of our policy wording booklets for a few years now, featured in a few of our ads, and given hope to lanky people all over the world.

Things you probably didn’t know about moths and butterflies

Spring has finally sprung, and what clearer sign of this can there be than the sight of butterflies drifting around the garden, gathering nectar? Well, I guess bees making a comeback (which I’m sure I’ll cover in the near future) and daffodils emerging.

The stone spheres of Costa Rica: A load of balls

Known locally as Las Bolas, which literally means The Balls, these rather obscure sculptures can be found, in the Diquis Delta, southern Costa Rica.

National flowers from around the world

Different countries choose different flowers to represent them as a nation. England has the rose, Wales has the daffodil, Scotland has the thistle, and Ireland has the shamrock. I have to admit, that’s pretty much as far as my knowledge goes when it comes to national flowers, so I decided to do a little research and tell you all about my favourites.

6 gross parasites from around the world

Nature can be cruel. Animals eat animals and animals are eaten by other animals – it’s a nasty business. However, a lion eating an antelope is one thing; a wasp injecting an egg into the body of a disabled cockroach is quite another.