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Just deserts: 4 of the world’s most unusual deserts

Just deserts: 4 of the world’s most unusual deserts

It turns out they’re not all just large areas of sand with the odd Tusken Raider. I mean, these things cover one third of the Earth’s surface, so there have to be some interesting ones out there.

Things you probably didn't know about flamingos

Things you probably didn’t know about flamingos

A favourite of animal lovers everywhere and a great decoration for this year’s Hulaween party I’m hosting with my fiancée Chloë. They’ve graced the cover of one of our policy wording booklets for a few years now, featured in a few of our ads, and given hope to lanky people all over the world.

5 things you probably never knew about crocodiles and alligators

Crocodiles and alligators are some of the oldest animals living on the planet and live in many places around the world. We all know never to smile at a crocodile, but there’s a whole lot more to these large, water dwelling reptiles.
Here are five crucial crocodilian curiosities.

Bolivia’s Gate of the Sun: Stonehenge after a gap year

When I first heard someone talk about the Gate of the Sun, I thought maybe a hipster psychedelia band had dropped a new album. Or perhaps it was the name of an art installation at Burning Man Festival #socool. It turns out it actually literally might be a gate to the Sun…

North Yungas Road: The world's most dangerous road

North Yungas Road: The world’s most dangerous road

Commonly known as the world’s most dangerous road, North Yungas Road is a 35-mile stretch between La Paz and Coroico in Bolivia and is estimated to claim the lives of 200-300 travellers every year.

8 facts you might not know about potatoes

8 facts you might not know about potatoes

Potatoes are the world’s most popular vegetable – everybody likes them. They’re the fourth largest food crop (after rice, wheat and corn) and are a staple food for billions of people; including us here in Britain.

A bevy of hot beverages

A bevy of hot beverages

The British are well known for their love of a good cup of tea. Tea is drunk for any occasion. Had your heart broken? Put the kettle on. Got a promotion? Have a brew. There’s no situation that tea cannot improve. In the InsureandGo office we estimate the marketing team alone drink 6,500 cups of tea a year. Is that normal do you think? Other nations have traditional hot drinks too, so if you feel like a change one chilly dark evening, try one of these.