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Daylight saving time: Why do we have to lose an hour's sleep?

Daylight saving time: Why do we have to lose an hour’s sleep?

You might be surprised just why and how Daylight Saving Time started…

National flowers from around the world

Different countries choose different flowers to represent them as a nation. England has the rose, Wales has the daffodil, Scotland has the thistle, and Ireland has the shamrock. I have to admit, that’s pretty much as far as my knowledge goes when it comes to national flowers, so I decided to do a little research and tell you all about my favourites.

The New Year according to the rest of the world

Following New Year’s Eve will be an array of broken promises, sparingly used gym memberships and fad diets. Thankfully, though, it seems the rest of the world has some different ideas:

Krampus: The Yin to Santa's Yang

Krampus: The Yin to Santa’s Yang

In some ways, Santa Claus is a bit creepy. He waits until people are asleep, then breaks into their houses and starts messing about with their stockings. I’m not sure I’m that keen on him. If, like me, you think the jolly, bearded intruder is a little scary, just remember that things could be a lot worse – imagine waking up to find Krampus wandering around your bedroom.

6 delicious cakes from around the world

There are some people that profess that they are “not big on cake”. Well, I pity them and their inadequate taste buds. Eating cake is one of my greatest joys in life, and it plays a large part of my holiday experience. I like to hunt down and assess regional cakes; I regard it as a hobby, a serious hobby. I haven’t yet tried all of the cakes below. But don’t worry… I will.