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All about seals, sea lions and walruses

Pinnipeds come in many forms – seals, sea lions and walruses. They’re similar in many ways, but what sets them apart?

Not just for Christmas: 7 facts about reindeer

Everyone knows reindeer are the archetypal Christmas animal, but does anyone really know anything about them? Apart from the fact that they have antlers and pull sleighs, that is. Well, here are some facts about this very festive animal (along with plenty of adorable photos).

4 bridges that go nowhere

4 bridges that go nowhere

Bridges connects things. It’s the most important thing about them. Literal bridges connect one piece of land to another. Metaphorical bridges connect one person (or thought, or idea, or thing) to another. If a bridge doesn’t link something (or someone) to something (or someone) else, can it really be called a bridge? If it can’t, what’s it called? And if it can, what effect would this have on the word’s use as a metaphor? Would we have to start using “tunnel” instead?

Dogs of the world

Dogs are lovely, aren’t they? Cute faces, waggy tails… man’s best friend really is a magnificent creature. And there are so many different breeds as well, all from different parts of the globe. So, as a blatant excuse to look at some cute dog pictures, we’ve decided to make the most of the tenuous link between dogs and travelling by learning more about some of the world’s different dog breeds. Be prepared to “aww”.