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How data can help you have the perfect romantic break

I’m a hopeless romantic. When I say hopeless romantic, I mean that I’m hopeless at romance, not that I spend all day dreaming of candlelit dinners and gondola rides.

Mount Scenery: The Netherlands’ highest volcano

Until this morning, I thought the highest point in the Netherlands was the top of a windmill. But it turns out the Netherlands not only has a proper highest point. It also has a volcano!

Hot Water Beach: What's hot, wet and sandy?

Hot Water Beach: What’s hot, wet and sandy?

Hot Water Beach is like something you’ve probably never experienced before. I’d never heard of it before I went to New Zealand.

Doug Allan wildlife photographer: Working with polar bears

If you’ve never heard of Doug Allan, let me introduce him to you. He’s the guy that filmed the polar bears on Planet Earth, among other amazing things.

We know what you did last summer: Top 5 activities you did in 2016

As the country that turned sitting down with a warm drink into a national pastime, it may seem surprising that a lot of us like a bit of adventure. We took to social media to find out the country’s top five adventures of 2016.

Tetraphobia: East Asia's fear of the number four

Tetraphobia: East Asia’s fear of the number four

I have a love-hate relationship with numbers – love seeing numbers in my bank account (as long as there’s no minus in front of them) but hate numbers in almost all other scenarios. Certainly never ask me to add them together or multiply them or divide them or some trickery like that.

Some of the strangest winter sports injuries

Everyone knows skiing can be dangerous. But is it really that bad? Using information taken from Twitter, we’ve looked into the commonly reported injuries from the Nov 2015 to April 2016 season.