The buried treasure of the Seychelles

Mahé in the Seychelles is the last known location of a pirate’s treasure. Will anyone crack the code and find the bounty?

We’ve updated the InsureandGo mobile app

A few years ago, we launched the first InsureandGo mobile app (actually, we did have another one before but that was a loong time ago). Since then, it’s been downloaded thousands of times and was even nominated for a MOMA Award in 2015!

8 surprising facts from around the world

Did you know we had a mobile app? Well, you should do because we wrote a post about it in June. If you haven’t downloaded it already, it does lots of nifty little things – like helping you find hospitals and embassies while you’re abroad – but the feature we’re most excited about is the one that’s probably the least useful…

Where’s that lovely cathedral?: About our latest ads

If you’ve ever seen one of our ads while you’re out and about, you’ll know that we love a big, beautiful photo.

Around the World in 80 Scoops

Around the World in 80 Scoops

A few months ago, we published a post about bizarre ice cream flavours from around the world. So when it came time to talk about the big summer event we wanted to hold, we had weird ice cream flavours on the brain. And that’s when we came up with Around the World in 80 Scoops.

See the World on Regent Street this Sunday

See the World on Regent Street this Sunday

If you’ve been reading our blog, you might get the impression that we love experiencing different cultures from around the world. Well, that’s because we do! And if you do too, you can come and join us at the World on Regent Street in London this Sunday.