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Everything you've always wanted to know about liquorice

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about liquorice

Once, in Iceland, I joyfully bit into my first mystery bar and found… liquorice. Liquorice pieces within the chocolate bar. The horror.

Creepy-crawly cuisine: Edible insects from around the world

I’m a very fussy eater. Unless I’ve eaten something before, and enjoyed it, there’s a strong chance I’ll just stare at it suspiciously for a few seconds, before slowly pushing the plate or bowl away from me.

The surprising history of the gin and tonic

Certain drinks seem to be associated with Britain, and for good reason. We all love a tea, a glass of Pimms on a hot summer’s day (still too close to a salad for my liking) or a nice G&T. But as with many things, there’s more to a drink of gin and tonic than you might expect.

How cinnamon grows

I like cinnamon. I always have. But since last Christmas, my cinnamon-love has picked up. It’s a spice that is used a lot at Christmas, anyway, but I’ve carried on with it.

5 lucky foods to eat over New Year

5 lucky foods to eat over New Year

On New Year’s Eve, you might make a resolution and hope for a fantastic year ahead, but did you know in some cultures that they eat specific lucky foods to welcome the new year?

Beers from around the world

I love beer. I recently marked out a route for an InterRail trip which was based almost entirely on regional beer. The lad in me says “Quality! Wonder if I can fit in a cheeky Nando’s…” The adult in me suggests I might have a problem.

5 Spanish drinks you don’t get here

Let’s talk about Spanish drinks, shall we? No, not sangria. I’m not sure if anyone actually drinks sangria in Spain. I’ve never seen it being drunk by anyone other than tourists, but if you know different, let me know!