Michael Goldberg

Michael Goldberg

The best travel experience I’ve had was driving down the American Pacific coastline, from Washington state down to California. There is just no better way of exploring such a vast country, and whenever you tire of one place, all you need to do is load up the Chevy and get back on the road!

I was also surprised that my favourite location of the trip was the city of Portland in Oregon, which is a great city and very unique compared to the rest of the States.

Michael works in our wine tasting team

Sealand: The world's smallest nation (well, maybe!)

Sealand: The world’s smallest nation (well, maybe!)

Anyone who has been to a few quiz nights has probably encountered the question “what is the smallest nation in the world?” Answer: Vatican City, right? Well, perhaps not, as there is an “island” that’s been making claim to this envious title. So please stand aside, Your Holiness, whilst I investigate!

The rural Welsh town of Gaiman… in Argentina

The rural Welsh town of Gaiman… in Argentina

Hapus Dydd Gŵyl Dewi! Or, if you aren’t from Wales or the town of Gaiman, Argentina – happy St David’s Day! For amazingly, this Argentine town’s mother tongue is Welsh! Just how a Welsh-speaking town, complete with Welsh identity and architecture, managed to emerge in a country where Spanish is the official language is pretty fascinating, or “diddorol”, as the Welsh/Gaimanions may say.

Ryugyong Hotel: Is this the world's strangest hotel?

Ryugyong Hotel: Is this the world’s strangest hotel?

Whenever I see pictures of this building, the first thing that comes to mind is “who the hell dreamt this up?!” Although, seeing as this modern-day pyramid is the product of the secretive North Korean government, I must accept that my question will forever go unanswered.