Lizzie Brooks

Lizzie Brooks

The most beautiful place I have been (so far!) has been Norway. Coming in to land in Oslo was like coming in to land in a fairytale; pine trees that looked like velvet amongst frozen fjords, the occasional wisp of smoke coming up from a little yellow or red house within the trees. Beautiful!

I kind of expected to see a Moomin emerging (but they are from Finland, of course).

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Tenrecs – little punk shrews

Tenrecs! They’re spiky like hedgehogs, but more closely related to elephants – and that’s not the only unusual thing about them…

Costa Rica’s favourite breakfast

It’s said that when a Costa Rican can make a good gallo pinto, they’re ready for marriage. But what’s in this all-day breakfast?

The love market of Vietnam

What is Vietnam’s love market? Does it sell romantic gifts, or aphrodisiacs maybe? Nope, this love market is different…

Vietnam’s milky breast fruit

The Vú Sữa fruit is particularly popular in Vietnam and is said to taste like coconut!

The Perfume River of Vietnam

Possibly the most romantically named river ever, but how does it get its smell?

4 animals who sleep in a surprising way

4 animals who sleep in a surprising way

I once knew an absolute animal who would fall asleep while eating a kebab at the end of the night. But that’s not the sort of animals I’m talking about here. Going to sleep is the highlight of my day. Don’t pity me – I live a full and well-rounded life. It just so happens that napping down brings me a huge amount of joy. Maybe I was a desert snail in a past life…

Burial of the sardine: Spain’s strange Ash Wednesday tradition

Burial of the sardine: Spain’s strange Ash Wednesday tradition

The more I learn about Spain and its customs, the more questions I have. Whilst talking about Pancake Day and Ash Wednesday to my Spanish boyfriend, he exclaimed, “Oh! Yes, I know. When you bury the sardine!”