Karen Somerville

Karen Somerville

My best holiday experience has been visiting Century 21. Not the estate agent, but the huge discount department store of the same name in New York City. Floor after glorious floor of clothes, bags, and shoes… I still get excited just thinking about it!

Fair enough, it’s no Saks Fifth Avenue but, for a shopaholic with a tight budget and a lot of patience, I can’t think of a better place to be.

Karen used to work in our marketing team

The Hill of Crosses in Lithuania

The Hill of Crosses in Lithuania

If you’re a fan of religious paraphernalia, then the Hill of Crosses is definitely the place for you. Situated in northern Lithuania, just outside the city of Siauliai, the hill is home to over 100,000 crosses, crucifixes, statues and carvings brought to the site by visiting Catholic pilgrims.

Feel-good food recipes from around the world

6 feel-good food recipes from around the world

Food is a wondrous thing. Aside from the whole ‘keeping you alive’ aspect, food can also have a big impact on your mood and, whether you’ve just been dumped or are nursing the hangover from hell, there’s no substitute for a bit of comfort food.

Rocks that look a bit like people

Rocks are funny things. If you’ve got a passion for geology, then you most likely find rocks to be quite fascinating. However for most of the rest of us, naturally occurring solid aggregates of minerals probably aren’t the most thrilling things in the world. Luckily, some rocks are made far more appealing purely by the fact that they resemble something other than a rock. So we’ve scoured the globe (and beyond) to come up with our top five “rocks that look a bit like people”.

Dogs of the world

Dogs are lovely, aren’t they? Cute faces, waggy tails… man’s best friend really is a magnificent creature. And there are so many different breeds as well, all from different parts of the globe. So, as a blatant excuse to look at some cute dog pictures, we’ve decided to make the most of the tenuous link between dogs and travelling by learning more about some of the world’s different dog breeds. Be prepared to “aww”.

5 ghost towns from around the world

As Halloween is coming up, we thought we’d focus on something quite ghostly for our email this month. And what could be more ghostly than ghost towns?! Well, quite a few things as it happens, because ghost towns don’t actually have anything to do with ghosts or haunting – they’ve just been abandoned by the people that once lived there…