Jordan Deadman

Jordan Deadman

My travel experience, limited by my own admission, leaves me with only one place worth talking about – Italy.

My first plane journey was followed by a monumental coach ride through the Italian countryside, before we eventually arrived at a place where they’d literally painted an extra star onto their sign, to make it two stars. The welcome was warm but the furniture was bad, so bad in fact that I broke my bed on the second night – and I was not a promiscuous twelve-year-old by any means.

Perhaps not so big on home furniture (in my hotel at least), Italy made up for this shortcoming with the amazing architecture and food that I experienced while in Tuscany. For example, their towers, though wonky on occasion, often house viewpoints that are worth the 500 steps up on a belly-full of ice cream. And the restaurants in Siena make pizza like you would not believe, I tell you, they would put Papa John’s out of business!

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Beers from around the world

I love beer. I recently marked out a route for an InterRail trip which was based almost entirely on regional beer. The lad in me says “Quality! Wonder if I can fit in a cheeky Nando’s…” The adult in me suggests I might have a problem.

The stone spheres of Costa Rica: A load of balls

Known locally as Las Bolas, which literally means The Balls, these rather obscure sculptures can be found, in the Diquis Delta, southern Costa Rica.

Bolivia’s Gate of the Sun: Stonehenge after a gap year

When I first heard someone talk about the Gate of the Sun, I thought maybe a hipster psychedelia band had dropped a new album. Or perhaps it was the name of an art installation at Burning Man Festival #socool. It turns out it actually literally might be a gate to the Sun…

Steak: Argentina’s favourite dish

A friend of mine just got back from Buenos Aires and all he could talk about was having the best steak of his life. It’s not what I was expecting either, I must admit. They really do love their steak in Argentina though, and we’re here to tell you why.

The Taiwanese airline that lets you fly Hello Kitty

I’m more of a dog man myself, though if you feel compelled to express your love for Hello Kitty at 30,000 feet then I will not be one to judge. Honest.

6 healthy eating habits from around the world

I did that post-Christmas double-take earlier when I looked in the mirror and realised that one just cannot breathe in that many mince pies. I know that we’re a couple of weeks in now but there are still toffee pennies left and it feels like it would be unfair to leave them out, you know?

The New Year according to the rest of the world

Following New Year’s Eve will be an array of broken promises, sparingly used gym memberships and fad diets. Thankfully, though, it seems the rest of the world has some different ideas: