Ben Amps

Ben Amps

A couple of years ago I was suffering from heartbreak in the midst of a cold Canadian winter. I quit my job, packed my bag and jumped into my trusty Dodge Caravan, heading south for warmer climates.

I spent the next 8 weeks living in my car, starting in minus 30 degree weather until I reached the plus 30 degree warmth of the Mexican border.

Glaciers, deserts, avalanches, canyons, bears, auroras, wolves, volcanos and whales, I saw it all! It was the most incredible journey of my life and safe to say when I returned to Calgary 20,000 kilometres later, my broken heart had fully healed!

Ben works in our claims department

Vietnamese Water Puppets

Water puppetry is a Vietnamese tradition that dates back almost a thousand years. Think of it as a more refined Punch & Judy show with less shouting and a lot more water!