Anna Helpher

Anna Helpher

The most amazing place I have visited so far has got to be Hong Kong. Even the view from the airplane was beautiful.

I thought the days were busy until I went out and experienced the nightlife; all different types of bars, pubs and clubs on every street, open to god knows what time! My favourite place was a retro bar, playing all types of cheesy music, where I was shimmied onto the stage and forced to sing Bon Jovi. It’s safe to say the locals didn’t appreciate my not-so-dazzling voice!

Anna used to work in our finance team

Monstrous deep-sea creatures from around the world

About 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered in water, making the seas and oceans the largest habitats on earth. The deep sea (defined as below 200 metres in depth) is still largely unexplored. Living in the deep sea without sunlight, and with extreme pressure and temperatures of below five degrees Celsius is pretty bleak. Due to these conditions deep-sea animals have had to evolve in some bizarre ways to survive. So here are a few of my favourite terrifying sea creatures…

Hairstyles from around the world

Bored of your hair? I know I am! I think I must have completely changed my hair five times last year – oops! So if you fancy something a bit different why not try one of these global favourites:

Weird musical instruments from around the world

So recently, I’ve begun take bass guitar lessons, but deciding on which instrument to learn was quite difficult… String, percussion, brass or woodwind? I had a look into several different options and found some very peculiar instruments that just needed to be shared!

UFO sightings from around the world

UFO sightings are reported by people from all over the world. Captured on their camera phones (and some with a bit of help from Photoshop too), unidentified flying objects bewilder both believers and non-believers.

Dia de los Muertos: Mexico’s Day of the Dead

Halloween, an excuse to eat excessive amounts of sweets and douse yourself in gallons of fake blood. Well, that’s how the majority of the UK seem to celebrate the remembrance of the dead, anyway. But to be honest, all that nonsense doesn’t really interest me as much as the Mexican celebrations of Day of The Dead or “Día de los Muertos”.

How to do a Native American rain dance (not that we need one)

Let’s set the scene: it’s mid-to-late August, it’s scorching, the crops yearn for water and the people depend on the crops in order to survive the winter. When in drought, rain dance!

Geisha: What are they and what do they do?

Snow-white skin, coal-black hair, bold red lips and extravagant silk kimonos. To me, Japanese geisha are among some of the most beautiful women to walk the earth (Bettie Page is totally on this list too!). But who are they and what do they do?