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4 animals who sleep in a surprising way

4 animals who sleep in a surprising way

I once knew an absolute animal who would fall asleep while eating a kebab at the end of the night. But that’s not the sort of animals I’m talking about here. Going to sleep is the highlight of my day. Don’t pity me – I live a full and well-rounded life. It just so happens that napping down brings me a huge amount of joy. Maybe I was a desert snail in a past life…

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about penguins

Is there more to these flightless birds than an odd gait and a fancy tuxedo? Let’s find out together.

Medium-sized cats from around the world

Medium-sized cats from around the world

Cats come in two kinds, right? Big huge things that roam the wilds of Africa and Asia, hunting prey and roaring everywhere. And the humble domestic cat, leaving you half-dead birds and lounging in the most inconvenient places.

Ostriches: King of all the birds (even though they can't fly)

Ostriches: King of all the birds (even though they can’t fly)

As far as birds go, the ostrich surely has to be the king. It’s the biggest and the fastest bird of all, with the largest eggs. It also has the meanest resting bitch face of any other bird. Just look at it.

Lemmings: The world's most misunderstood rodent

Lemmings: The world’s most misunderstood rodent

I’ve never understood why people don’t like rodents. Mice, rats – they’re all adorable in my eyes. Of course, I wouldn’t want to see one sitting on my kitchen worktop eating my cheese but you get my drift.

Llamas: A fluffy cross between and sheep and a giraffe

Llamas: A fluffy cross between a sheep and a giraffe

They may well look like a sheep had an intimate liaison with a giraffe, and have an undeserved reputation for bad manners (possibly thanks to a habit of spitting). But let’s take a look at these interesting animals from South America.

Caw blimey: Things you might not know about crows, ravens and magpies

Sometimes birds get a bit of a bad rap. Yeah, they look pretty and sing nicely (most of the time) but they’re usually considered to be a bit dense. But it turns out that at least some birds don’t really deserve to be branded with the term bird-brained.