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Costa Rica’s favourite breakfast

It’s said that when a Costa Rican can make a good gallo pinto, they’re ready for marriage. But what’s in this all-day breakfast?

Costa Rica’s amazing volcanoes

Costa Rica has over 200 volcanic formations, but what does all this volcanic activity mean for the country’s biodiversity?

The many hummingbirds of Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is home to 52 species of hummingbird – one for every week of the year!

Hanging with the sloths in Costa Rica

Home to two different sloth species, Costa Rica is considered the best place in the Americas to “hang out” with these laid back animals.

The love market of Vietnam

What is Vietnam’s love market? Does it sell romantic gifts, or aphrodisiacs maybe? Nope, this love market is different…

Vietnam’s milky breast fruit

The Vú Sữa fruit is particularly popular in Vietnam and is said to taste like coconut!

Vietnamese Water Puppets

Water puppetry is a Vietnamese tradition that dates back almost a thousand years. Think of it as a more refined Punch & Judy show with less shouting and a lot more water!