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Welwitschia mirabilis: The world's toughest plant

Welwitschia mirabilis: The world’s toughest plant

Last year, I decided my bathroom needed brightening up with a plant of some kind. But the windowless, sunlight-abandoned room didn’t really seem like the best place for a living creature (apart from me during my toileting and showering). After a bit of research, I settled on an orchid. Needless to say, my bathroom now features two dead sticks in a pot.

The Dancing House: Prague's wonkiest building

The Dancing House: Prague’s wonkiest building

The other morning, I woke up feeling quite dizzy. Unless I was lying flat on my back, the room felt like it was spinning, just a little bit. (No, I wasn’t drunk.) It was horrible. But I imagine this is how the people who live in the Nationale-Nederlanden building in Prague feel every day.

Everything you've ever wanted to know about the northern lights

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the northern lights

It’s an amazing sight that many of us have on our bucket lists (alongside such experiences as sky diving with dolphins or something) but what exactly are the northern and southern lights? And do the northern lights constantly tease the southern ones about wearing a coat? Allow me to answer one of those questions.

Bizarre beauty rituals from Korea

Bizarre beauty rituals from Korea

I Iove myself a good evening pamper session. I’ll find any excuse to pour a glass of wine, run a nice hot bath and put on a face mask. But in Korea, many people take their Sunday evening pamper session to a whole new level.

Wadi Rum: A little piece of Mars on Earth

Wadi Rum: A little piece of Mars on Earth

You’ve probably never heard of Wadi Rum. But I bet you’ve seen quite a bit of it in one of your favourite films. That’s because Wadi Rum, which is a sandy valley in Jordan, has been used in quite a few of them.

Bahá'í: The religion with only 9 places of worship in the world

Bahá’í: The religion with only 9 places of worship in the world

Pretty much wherever you are in the world, you’re probably within walking distance of a church, a mosque, a synagogue or a temple of some kind. But I bet you’re not within praying distance of a Bahá’í House of Worship right now – because there are only nine of them in the whole world.

Samoa: The country that travelled to the future

For centuries, people have written stories about time travel. What if you could skip forward and see what the future’s like? What if you could meet your great-great-great-grandchildren and tell them what an awesome guy their great-great-great-grandfather was? Well what if I told you time travel is real, and that the people of Samoa are the ones who finally managed it?