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Tetraphobia: East Asia's fear of the number four

Tetraphobia: East Asia’s fear of the number four

I have a love-hate relationship with numbers – love seeing numbers in my bank account (as long as there’s no minus in front of them) but hate numbers in almost all other scenarios. Certainly never ask me to add them together or multiply them or divide them or some trickery like that.

Some of the strangest winter sports injuries

Everyone knows skiing can be dangerous. But is it really that bad? Using information taken from Twitter, we’ve looked into the commonly reported injuries from the Nov 2015 to April 2016 season.

Lemmings: The world's most misunderstood rodent

Lemmings: The world’s most misunderstood rodent

I’ve never understood why people don’t like rodents. Mice, rats – they’re all adorable in my eyes. Of course, I wouldn’t want to see one sitting on my kitchen worktop eating my cheese but you get my drift.

Rowan Cheshire on life as a skier and why she’d rather meet a yeti over a mountain lion

After a horrible accident, Rowan Cheshire started skiing again at the end of 2015. Her goal was to stand on top of a halfpipe and ‘not freak out’.

Penitentes: Incredible blades of ice that point towards the sun

Penitentes: Incredible blades of ice that point towards the sun

Penitentes or nieves penitente (which is Spanish for “penitent-shaped snows”) are pointy blades of hardened snow or ice.

Llamas: A fluffy cross between and sheep and a giraffe

Llamas: A fluffy cross between a sheep and a giraffe

They may well look like a sheep had an intimate liaison with a giraffe, and have an undeserved reputation for bad manners (possibly thanks to a habit of spitting). But let’s take a look at these interesting animals from South America.

Winter adventures for people who like to embrace the cold

Not all adventures have to involve a trip to the slope.