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Almost everything you always wanted to know about bees

Almost everything you always wanted to know about bees

Summer feels like it’s been and gone, but what a glorious four or five days they were. Joking aside, summer is (supposedly) still here and there’s nothing more summery than the sight of a fat little bumble bee buzzing through the flowers.

The heavy metal cowboys of Botswana

The heavy metal cowboys of Botswana

Looking like they’ve walked off the set of the original Max Max films, these music fans seemingly ignore the baking African heat to wear thick leather jackets and trousers, massive boots and cowboy hats.

Things you probably didn't know about flamingos

Things you probably didn’t know about flamingos

A favourite of animal lovers everywhere and a great decoration for this year’s Hulaween party I’m hosting with my fiancée Chloë. They’ve graced the cover of one of our policy wording booklets for a few years now, featured in a few of our ads, and given hope to lanky people all over the world.

4 reasons why we won't unnecessarily delay your claim

4 reasons why we won’t unnecessarily delay your claim

“You’re just delaying my claim so you don’t have to pay up!” Every now and again, a customer says this to us. In every case, it’s because they’re frustrated their claim is taking a long time, and we can’t blame them. But is it true? Well, no, and here’s why.

Slang and sayings from around the world

Slang and sayings from around the world

Isn’t slang a wonderful thing? You can ask someone if their “bags o’ mystery” are “bang up to the elephant”, and that’s a lot more fun that asking if their sausages are perfect.

Tully: Australia's wettest town

Tully: Australia’s wettest town

We always hear about how sunny Australia is, but have you heard of the wettest place in Australia?

Attempted coup in Turkey: What to do if you’re affected

On 15th July 2016, there was an attempted military coup in Turkey. If you’re currently in Turkey or you’re travelling there soon, here’s how your travel insurance cover can help: Travel delay – This would be deemed to be civil unrest so the travel disruption travel delay benefits and terms would apply Abandonment – If […]